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high quality photo etching shim

high quality photo etching shim

Introduction: Let Julid service your shim needs. Our process allows us to etch your shims without burrs or deformation other processes exhibit
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Product details


Let Julid service your shim needs. Our process allows us to etch your shims without burrs or deformation other processes exhibit .That way we can make sure your shims lay as flat as possible. Julid is experienced in developing, manufacturing and improving custom shim and shim plated . Shims photo chemical etching Shims can be manufactured exactly to your desired specifications.
 Common materials used for shims include brass, stainless steel, aluminum, beryllium copper and phosphor bronze.  Our products include :
metal shims, stainless steel shim, brass shim stock, metal shim stock,
Part Name:
high quality  etching shim
Used as parts of printer or copier
Largest sizes
Volume / batch size
One to millions
No burring, the surface is clean
Unit price:
Negotiate, price quoted based on material, thickness, tolerance and your quantity
Production capacity:
By using reel to reel etchingcan achieve 1000 square meters per day
Lead time for mass production:
Usually 7 working days
Final inspection:
2D Gauge
Please note that the above figures are given as a guideline. Should your component design fall outside these parameters please talk to one of our Technical Sales team who will be happy to talk through you requirement. Email:  yw18@zldsmt.com
Why we use chemical etching to make your
shim plate
1Low cost for samples, there is no molding cost be charged
2Your company logo can be marked on the parts
3The highest precision can achieve +/-0.0075mm.
4Products with complex shapes can be etched, no additional cost
5By chemical etching, Material properties , such as Magnetic properties, tensile strength will not be changed
6material thickness ranging from 0.025 mm up to 1 mm parts can be used to make your parts
7Almost all metals can be etched, and there is no limit to your design
8Chemical etching is a alternative processes to make your thin metal parts
Part name
shim plate
In-house R&D and production means lower prices!
We will make the printer grid according to your CAD drawing (dxf or .dwg format will be better). We promise will not leak any information to the third part. It will be ok if you want us to sign a NDA file.

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Julid  specializing  in  the  photo  chemical  etching  area.  Typical  chemical  etching  parts  including  shims,  speaker  grill,  encoder  disk,  filter,  leadframe,  etc.
  Julid  Technology  (HK)  Co.,  Limited 

  E-mail:  yw1@zldsmt.com