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How is the 0.1MM ~ 3MM hole gold processing method?
0.1MM ~ 3MM hole gold processing methods are many kinds, the etching process can be a good solution to mass production, the accuracy requirements of the hole, and the hole wall is clean and free of burrs. 0.1mm-3mm holes in metal etching process production production stamping, laser can not be solved approach to solve the alternative processes.
What''s the quality control in your company ?
Quality is vital atJULID because the success of our customers depends on it. We work closely with you from initial design consultation through product delivery to ensure product meets your most demanding specifications. In addition to excellent customer service and consistent product quality, we are dedicated to delivering a quick turnaround of samples and production quantities. Performing all operations in-house allows us to ship product in as little as 24 hours upon receipt of your specifications.
What is the smallest open hole?
The smallest open hole : Ø 0.1mm, but the thickness must between 0.03mm to 0.05mm.
What process can process 0.05mm hole?
Processing 0.05mm holes, there is a variety of methods, such as laser, etc., but the laser cutting easily lead residue plugging holes, the hole wall burrs more. Products for sophisticated Web site product, the laser is very obviously need the other process before they can complete the entire hole production, in the face of low efficiency of multi-density mesh. Etching process can now solve the production problems 0.05mm aperture but most restrictions due to the thickness of the material can be sized opening, generally with a 0.03mm thick material etching 0.05 hole.
what are your added processes ?
Added processes include: We have our own in-house forming department. Welding seams closed-we do laser welding in-house. Soldering open seams shut. Plating, especially to brass and steel parts, plating helps in soldering to boards and protection from oxidation of the base material.
what material can be process ?
The product material we can process includes: Stainless steel (including 301, 304, 430, 201,303,316, etc), copper, silicon steel plate, aluminum, nickel, magnetic material and so on.
what''''s the disk application ?
An encoder is a sensor of mechanical motion. It translates motion (such as speed, direction or position) into electrical signals. It is critical to the optimal functioning of the system that the encoder disk itself is of the highest quality and accuracy. In response to this requirement, Tecan produces burr and stress-free metal encoder disks with excellent slot smoothness and edge definition. For most applications, Tecan leverages the high accuracy of its Photo Electro Forming technology to manufacture metal encoders, but it can also supply photo chemical machined metal encoders where required.
what''s chemical etching ?
Chemical etching, also known as metal etching, is a process of dissolving metals or glasses in acids to make them into a particular shape. There are two main types of chemical etching: the process as it was first developed, and a more modern method known as photochemical machining. The etching process is preferred for fine metalwork and metal panels, especially those that need specific designs like panels used in making computer parts. Originally, such pieces needed to be made by hand or with expensive machines that took time to calibrate and maintain, but chemical etching vastly reduced the time and expense it took to create fine metal work.

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