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Julid Technology (HK) Co., Limited
     Main technologies and products:
     Since our establishment in 2002, we have been intensely focusing on the research and production of chemical etching parts with close tolerance , stamping parts and laser cutting parts.
     Typical products include:
       1.Chemical etching metal parts: metal shims, spacers, spring, valve plate, encoder disks, speaker grills, air slit, square blade, metal nameplate, plane iron.
     a. Thin metal sheet with thickness ranging from 0.001 inch up to 0.048 inch can be chemical etched,
     b. Tolerance and thickness:
Thickness tolerance
Below 0.0078 inch +/-0.00078 inch
0.0078 inch up to 0.024 inch +/-0.002 inch
0.024 inch up to 0.048 inch +/-0.006 inch
    Please note that the above figures are given as a guideline. Should your component design fall outside these parameters please E-mail us.
     2. Stamping parts: RF/EMI shields,screens, lead frames, iPhone case, iPad case, envelopes holder etc.
     3. Laser cut parts: metal stencil, metal nameplate, logo engraving.
     4. value added service including gold/tin/ silver plated, paint color, electro-polishing, bend, forming
     Equipment and workshop:
    We consistently strive to produce superior-quality products. That’s why we use imported electrical-performance production machines and testing equipments from  Germany and Japan.  Because of our huge production capacity and high quality standards,our output has been sourced by companies all over the world.
    Julid metal etching machining
 --An environmentally responsible OEM/ODM
    All of our High precision metal parts comply with the RoHS and SGS Directives.
    For long-term growth, we constantly work toward making our manufacturing process cleaner, safer and less of a drain on natural resources.
    Our waste reduction program was in place long before industry deemed it an important topic in domestic China.
    We have built a wastewater treatment system, the reuse rate of wastewater now is 40%.
    The scrap metal is also been recycled rather than dumped.
    Our goal is to reduce the amount of resources that we consume and to minimize the amount of waste we generate.
    Waste water treatment

     For more information, contact our export office at yw1@zldsmt.com

    Tel: 86-755-61501695


    Skype: Matt Au 

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Julid  specializing  in  the  photo  chemical  etching  area.  Typical  chemical  etching  parts  including  shims,  speaker  grill,  encoder  disk,  filter,  leadframe,  etc.
  Julid  Technology  (HK)  Co.,  Limited 

  E-mail:  yw1@zldsmt.com